Susan Russell steps towards success

Susan Russell is the mother of two girls. She readily admits she has had some challenges throughout her life.

picture of bryson conley

Distinguished Alum, Bryson Conley

Seattle Vocational Institute’s School of Cosmetology had a recent visit from one of their star graduates, Bryson Conley.

picture of steve wood

Steve Woods is a role model

Steve Woods, Lead Instructor of the Pre-Apprenticeship Const

picture of Adriana Fajardo Garcia

Adriana Fajardo-Garcia Success Story

Adriana Fajardo-Garcia is one determined woman. When she encounters an obstacle she will use every ounce of her being to remove it.

picture of Jean Carver

Jean Carver helping students

Jean Carver’s major focus is on getting the job done. She enjoys working behind the scenes, putting the pieces together and achieving a positive outcome for those involved.

picture of richard st claire

Richard St. Clare helping students achieve

Richard St. Clare, RMA, CAHI, BSHHS, MBA