Disbursement & Repayment

Receiving Financial Aid

Eligible students will receive their refunds on, or after, the first day of each quarter provided they:

  • Registered for a full–time credit load at least one week prior to the first class day; OR
  • Registered for less than a full–time credit load and notified the Financial Aid Office at least one week prior to the first day of classes.
  • Were awarded financial aid at least one week prior to the first class day.
  • Met all Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements during their last quarter of attendance.
  • Have selected a refund choice using your Seattle Colleges Card.

Delay in Disbursement

Students who do not meet all of the above conditions may experience a delay in receiving their Financial Aid funding. These students should contact the Financial Aid Office after they have completed their registration to inquire about when their refunds will be ready.

Repaying Financial Aid

If you do not successfully complete certain minimums you will be required to repay funds received and may be placed into collection. Pursuant to state law (RCW 28B.10.293 and RCW 19.16.500) any debts to the college will be increased by costs and expenses incurred in the collection of such debts. Copies of the repayment policy can be obtained from the financial aid office.