Richard St. Clare helping students achieve

Richard St. Clare, RMA, CAHI, BSHHS, MBA
In Richard’s family heritage, the first born son becomes a priest. As the first born his direction was already planned, but due to extenuating family circumstances those plans were put on hold. Because he always wanted to help others, he chose the next closest field to the ministry, which in his mind was the health care field.
“Very few people are able to find a career that will satisfy them throughout their life, but I have been blessed to have 38 years and counting in a field that I love.”
Richard is a first generation college graduate. He attended American College of Professional Education and earned a certificate in Medical Assisting, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Services from Radford University and continued there for his Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis on Health Care. Throughout his career he has kept pace with new trends in technology, curriculum changes and updates in the field through continuing education classes. He has been instrumental in keeping coursework current accreditation requirements and advances in the medical field.
Richard is as thorough as he is caring. He has held many jobs within the industry, a bonus to his student who receive first class skills training based in part to his knowledge and expertise. He has worked as a clinical associate, home care coordinator, program director and clinic manager, in addition to being a Registered Medical Assistant.
He has a heart for our students and compassion beyond belief, in part because he has seen life struggles up close and personal. He understands how lost opportunities, life interruptions and family situations can impact life and interfere with one’s goals.
“I make sure my students know, this is a place you can come and learn. There are no wrong answers that can’t be corrected. I am a nurturer, not just a teacher. Students learn in an environment where they are safe from ridicule. I want them to realize their self-worth, explore their capabilities and discover their talents.