Steve Woods is a role model

Steve Woods, Lead Instructor of the Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training program at Seattle Vocational Institute is a walking inspiration. His personal life story combined with his talent and skills in the construction industry make him a role model to every student who enters the PACT program.

He is a walking miracle having suffered from a childhood illness that caused his kidney to shut down. He spent 10 years on dialysis and still worked every day to take care of his family. After reluctantly accepting a kidney from his wife who was a perfect match, Steve is grateful for each day. He is passionate about helping others become all they can be. He has used overcoming his struggles as a catalyst and lifeline to his students, helping them realize they also have an opportunity to rise up in the face of challenges.

Student graduates regularly come in to thank him; to tell him how something he taught them has helped them keep their job and to share examples of how they used his teachings to advance in their career. He has been able to show exemplary balance across his professional duties and personal goals because they are intertwined. His goal is to do his best each and every day for each and every person he comes in contact with.