Worker Retraining

Are you unemployed? Worker Retraining opportunities are provided for laid off or dislocated workers in Washington State. The program provides job training to eligible members. You are eligible if:

  • You receive or are eligible to receive unemployment benefits.
  • You have exhausted unemployment benefits within the last 48 months.
  • You were self–employed but have had to close your business due to economic downturn.
  • You are a displaced homemaker due to loss of financial support from a family member as a result of divorce, separation, death, or job loss in the last 48 months.
  • You are a veteran or the US Armed Services,who has been discharged from the military within the last 24 months.
  • You are a “vulnerable worker” who is currently employed in an occupation that is in decline and you have not currently achieved a college degree.
  • You are currently employed in “stop-gap” employment. Stop gap employment is employment that is less than your usual salary and is work you have accepted to make ends meet until you can find a better job.

To qualify you must be enrolled in an approved college credit Professional/Technical program. Worker Retraining provides:

  • Tuition assistance
  • Required textbooks and supplies for classes
  • A bus pass, or in some circumstances, may provide assistance with fuel.
  • Educational planning and advising
  • Assistance with CAT / TB application and TAA paperwork
  • Referrals to on–campus resources as well as to assisting agencies, programs, and funding sources
  • Student services such as educational planning, resume assistance, job search assistance

Worker Retraining Application Procedure

  1. Apply by attending an education planning workshop. To sign up for a workshop go to
  2. If you plan to enroll in classes, and you are collecting unemployment benefits, you must request authorization from the Employment Security Department in order to continue receiving unemployment benefits while in school. The Worker Retraining program advisor can provide the paperwork and assistance you will need with this process. Attending training can also extend your unemployment benefits if you qualify for the Training Benefits program.  For more information about Training Benefits, visit and look under the “Jobs and Training” tab.