A message to our community

On Sept. 1, 2019 the Seattle Vocational Institute (SVI) building will no longer be owned or managed by Seattle Central College and the Seattle Colleges District.

This spring, Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill that will create a Community Preservation and Development Authority for the Central District. This appointed body will act as steward of the SVI building on Jackson Street. It will work with community members and other partners to find new and better uses to serve the Central District and honor the historic legacy of the SVI.

The SVI will continue to host programs currently operating in the building through the end of the summer quarter. Come fall, students in the Medical Assistant program will attend classes at the Health Education Center on Beacon Hill. Students in the Basic and Transitional studies and High School 21+ will move to the Broadway Edison building. Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training students will continue to pursue their studies at the Wood Technology Center, and Dental Assistant students will continue at the Health Education Center.

The SVI and its building have deep roots and history in our city, providing educational and training opportunities for communities of color in Seattle’s Central District. Our hope is that any future use of the SVI building will provide the benefits identified by a wide range of community focus groups surveyed in the last two years, including enlivened, culturally relevant training and programs, welcoming spaces for African Americans and people of color, and economic development opportunities for the community.