Last Name First Name Department/Title Phone
De Guzman Rondolf Social Services Professional, King County 206.934.6971
Hernandez Osbaldo Career Navigator, King County Career Launch Pad 206.934.6959
Pencheva Mirela Career Navigator, King County Career Launch Pad 206.934.6959
Corey Jeff Program Director, Seattle Education Access 206.523.6200
Roldan Guzman Erika Administrative Assistant III, Seattle Central College 206.934.6959
Williams Emily Director of LCS, Seattle Central College 206.934.4439
Pierce Dorothy Instructor, Seattle Central College 206.934.6959
Colbert Stephanie PACT Faculty 206.934.3199
Aldah Ashley Education Advocate, Seattle Education Access 206.523.6200
Mckeever Charles Instructor, Seattle Central College 206.934.6959
Dippolito Will IT Specialist III 206.934.4962
Lukens May Interim Instructional Dean 206.934.4008
Mar Haydon Dental Assistant Faculty 206.934.3185
Mar Haydon Dental Assistant Faculty 206.934.3185
Nichols Jeanne Dental Assistant Faculty 206.934.4946
Mar Haydon Dental Assistant Faculty 206.934.3185
Duattara Gail Dental Assistant Faculty 206.934.4922
Richardson-Daniels Krishna PACT Director 206.934.4963
Russell Adam Marketing and Communications Manager 206.934.4943
Scherer Jo PACT Faculty 206.934.3199
Smith Wayne PACT Faculty 206.934.3182
Stufflebeam Sandra Phlebotomy Faculty 206.934.4917
Van Tassel Cinde Allied Health Faculty 206.934.4917
Walia Krysta Counselor 206.934.3190
Ferguson Teresa Allied Health Faculty 206.934.4920
Blazina Susan Allied Health Faculty 206.934.5503
Walker Sherman Allied Health Phlebotomy/Faculty 206.934.4956
Choi Tim Campus Security 206.934.4933
Byrd-Wright Roberta Dental Assistant Program Director/Faculty 206.934.4930
St.Clare Richard Allied Health Program Director 206.934.4910
Jacobson Peggy Dental Assistant Special Projects 206.934.4930
Cox Pamela Allied Health Faculty 206.934.4927
Canfield Ona Dental Hygiene Program Director 206.934.3184
Shadair Maureen Executive Dean, Interim, Instruction and Community Affairs 206.934.4940
Whitney Matthew Computer Support Technician Faculty 206.934.4954
Matney Mary Library Technical Services 206.934.4107
Hotchkiss Mary Financial Aid Program Assistant 206.934.4977
McCamey Marilyn Instructional Operations Director 206.934.3198
Camden Margaret Dental Assistant Faculty 206.934.4908
Willis Lawrence Coordinator, Outreach, Retention 206.934.4957
Thomas Kirsti Library Technical Services District Manager 206.934.4106
Grigsby Kevin Maintenance/Custodian 206.934.4023
Garcia-Scott Jesseth Computer Lab Assistant 206.934.3191
Gilliam-Harris Jennifer Hourly Assistant 206.934.4980
Melrose Janice Administrative/Financial Services 206.934.4941
Bowen James PACT Faculty 206.934.4935
Pena Jaime Allied Health Faculty 206.934.2942
Nguyen Hoi Maintenance/Custodian 206.934.6968
Astley Guy PACT Faculty 206.934.4921
Villars Daphne Allied Health/Medical Assistant Faculty 206.934.4964
Parker Dan Administrative/Maintenance Services 206.934.4966
Baker-Henson Crystal Admissions Program Coordinator 206.934.4945
Pietala Carolyn Library Technical Services 206.934.3885
Rullan Bryan Allied Health Faculty 206.934.4995
Richardson Bridgette Allied Health Faculty 206.934.4958
Smith Angela Cashier 206.934.4947
Sigler-Castro Andrea Computer Support Technician Faculty 206.934.4954
Aytch Amesha PACT Program Coordinator 206.934.2943
    Cashier's Office 206.934.4947
    Financial Aid 206.934.4977
    IT Services Helpdesk 206.934.4430
    Seattle Central Bookstore 206.934.4148
    Dental Hygiene Clinic at the Health Education Center 206.934.4423
    SVI Information 206.934.4950
    Workforce Programs 206.934.6339