Net Price Calculator

This calculator will give you an estimate of the type and amount of aid students in similar financial situations as yours have received to attend Seattle Vocational Institute (SVI). This is an estimate only and not a promise of an award to you. The estimated award you will see is based on the aid we awarded to students in a previous academic year. Please use the link below to begin:

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Many factors go in to deciding what award a student receives and these can change from year to year based on available funding from state, federal and institutional resources; the federal expected family contribution formulas; and the cost to attend SVI. In addition, SVI does not participate in the federal loan program. The calculator does not include other funding sources or scholarship programs at SVI. These programs consider a variety of factors including financial need. Any scholarship you are awarded from SVI or other sources of aid you receive from outside agencies will be used to calculate your eligibility for aid and may result in a revision of your Financial Aid award. 

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